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Commercial photography requires speed and a highly efficient team to deliver quantity without compromising the quality. 

We are set up to produce high-end results with a quick turnaround, but can also offer same-day delivery for those times when speed is really of the essence.

As a creative team at heart, we excel on projects that demand imagination and style. We can capture unique, eye-catching images for the clients we work with, unifying the latest photography trends with proven and established processes.

We can advise on how to best achieve a concept the brand may already have in mind, or take more of a creative lead and present a concept based on what the client wants to achieve, within their budget.

E-commerce is stepping out of the fashion wilderness. Now it’s all about creativity and branding. Whether it’s editorial-style imagery, artistic fashion flats or a new take on ghost mannequins, it’s dynamic, high-impact, and a new method of presentation. 

We are leading the change. It is as our goal to help you create that balance between making your products look great and making your website perform.


This is an simple and uncluttered approach that is ideal for accessories such as handbags, shoes, jewelry, spectacles, cosmetics, perfumes or homeware, where items are often photographed on a white surface with subtle reflections or shadows added to create interest.


This photographic technique focuses on the details of you product and most commonly used on E-commerce. 

Our collaborations between photographer and the styling team can suggest unusual angles and lighting to generate visual, impactful and engaging images.

We take table top photography to the next level. We can use colour, shadows, props and layered backgrounds to add inspiration and imagination to your shoot.

image clothes 01.jpg


This technique for photographing garments uses a flat, normally horizontal surface on which the item is neatly arranged. For clothing and fashion accessories, this technique is noted for its simplicity, yet creative arrangements that are introduced to inject additional appeal to the layout.

While you won’t be able to display the true form or flow of the garment, what the image will do, is add a strong graphical spin to your brand. Whether you’re shooting on a hanger or styled on a polished timber floor with a strong shadow, we know all the tricks of the trade.

When it comes to powerful brand messaging, sometimes less can really be more. 

Ghost Mannequin (Hollow Shots)

This technique allows the form and outline of garments to be authentically shown, in turn, enabling fabrics, detailing and finishes to be highlighted and captured appropriately. This technique of styling and photography allows an instant look at how a garment will appear in real life.

This may be an industry standard, but that doesn’t mean your images should be standard. We have shaken up the way we shoot ghost mannequins to make sure your customers love what they see.

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