Greg Desiatov has spent many years developing his craft and studying the many masters that the world of photography has to offer and has become an award winning photographer himself. 

His ideas and techniques vary with the mood and visual requirements of his many dedicated clients. 

Greg works with a loyal and dedicated team that includes makeup artists, hair stylists and creative directors. A team focused on producing high quality images for his clients, Greg can, and has produced unique and dynamic commissions for: 

Editorial Publications 
Modeling Portfolios 
Fine Art

All images are the copyright of the artist, © Greg Desiatov. All Rights Reserved. Copying, altering, displaying, distributing and/or selling any image without prior written consent from the artist is strictly prohibited. 

All TF* images must have a link to greg desiatov photography.
I do not release hi-res or raw images on TF shoots and all images will remain watermarked.


  • Alpha Magazine (USA)
  • Better Photography (AUS)
  • BCK Magazine
  • Beautivation (USA)
  • Better Photography (AUS)
  • Borealis (USA)
  • Dark Beauty (USA)
  • Elegant (USA)
  • Elegant Ink (USA)
  • Elements (USA)
  • Fjorde Magazine (AUS)
  • Fox FM (AUS)
  • Freque (AUS)
  • Gothic Beauty (USA)
  • Guilded Magazine (USA)
  • Herald/Sun Newspaper (AUS)
  • Inked Australia (AUS)
  • Mystica (USA)
  • OPA! (AUS)
  • Prodijee (AUS)
  • Promo Magazine (USA)
  • Rebelicious (USA)
  • R.E.D (AUS)
  • Sheeba (USA)
  • Skin Two (UK)
  • Surreal Beauty (USA)
  • Vogue Italia (Photo Vogue)



  • International Loupe Awards 2013
  • 1x Silver - 2x Bronze
  • International Loupe Awards 2012 
  • 4x Silver - 2x Bronze
  • Ballarat National 2012 
  • Reserve Champion Print
  • 1st Place: Creative/Experimental
  • 1st and 2nd Place: Open Colour
  • 1x Merit
  • International Loupe Awards 2011 
  • 1x Gold - 1x Silver - 2x Bronze
  • Ballarat National 2011 
  • Champion Print
  • 1st Place: Open Colour
  • 3x Merits
  • International Loupe Awards 2010 
  • 1x Gold - 3x Bronze


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